Riddlr: Séance

Somehow, we've been convinced to follow in the footsteps of a paranormal investigator who disappeared investigating a haunted house... what could possibly go wrong?

Riddlr: The Brunel Enigma

A telegram from good old Isambard Kingdom Brunel sets us onto a trail of clues leading to a mysterious machine - will we solve his enigma, or will it all go up in a cloud of steam?

Escape London: Area 51

Escape London invite you to travel back in time to a top-secret, 1950s laboratory investigating other-worldly happenings in Roswell. Those little grey folk look friendly...

Pier Pressure: Modrophenia

Want an escape room that will satisfy your daydreams of being a 60s mod, zipping up and down the Brighton seafront on your Vespa? We did, so we headed to Pier Pressure's Modrophenia room...

London Escaped: Da Vinci

A newcomer to the East London escape scene offers the opportunity to prove yourself as one of Leonardo Da Vinci's new apprentices. Did we come out with a Mona Lisa smile?

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